Thursday, July 17, 2008

100% Honesty Day

Dana (of My Gorgeous Somewhere, a blogger-poet I've only just now fallen in brain-love with) proposes a day of blogging honesty. Possibly painful honesty. And I'm in. Feeling a little scattered and silly and ungrounded here lately, and a nice collab of truth or dare minus dare sounds delicious:
Swing by. Ask questions. You are sure to get interesting answers. And don’t you think I am only doing this on the ‘nets and such. I am so ridiculously stoopid self-assured that I will be doing this from waking until I turn in for the night, everywhere and with everyone.


I am allowed three “no comments” during the course of the day, though.
 So, comment away, and go comment on the original entry if you're feeling the truthiness as well.


  1. I'd rather all lies day. I do enough honest.

    Most hated musician.

  2. Here's your first tough question: Are you in brain-love with me or do you want my fancy hot bod, too? (I realize you have not SEEN my fancy hot bod, but still. Answer honestly.)

    And, one small point: You have to be honest in the for realz world today, too.

  3. honesty day question from a fellow traveler--

    you've written: "finally working out my domain issues. will wet myself when my dotcom is finally back in my evil clutches." that's a terrific headline. my question has two parts:

    1. tell us about a time you really wet yourself. (if there is one)

    2. make up a similarly terrific headline about an embarrassing moment in your life.

  4. Hey Daisy Bones!

    I have never been to visit; this is a nice place you've got.

    So, question: Have you ever broken the law (in a bigger way than speeding or jay-walking)? If so, tell us about it!

    Question B, in case you haven't, or in case you take a pass on that one because you are a serious criminal: Have you been being honest today in the real world? At any point was it difficult? (Or difficult online?)