Monday, July 7, 2008

clever subterfuge

It's an insightful content post masquerading as a to-do list. Not really.
  • call Dad to borrow steam cleaner + un-dog-smellify the house
  • remind self at least 5,000 times daily that Laura is a beloved BFF... a BBFF then, not a judgemental crazy person who will fall out of friend-love with me if she sees babyfood stains on my couch and ugly wood paneling on my walls and the rednecky chaos of a porch and carport
  • create a few nice chocolatey and marooney color palletes for the site layout for Weave and tone the goth girl aesthetic down a few notches on the graphic
  • figure out a direction for the sex positive stuff- like is it a group blog plus a web ring and blogroll? is it something I should wait on and save for a real domain & stuff? 
  • try to remember to add RSS feeds for Davka & Clever Mom & remember who else I missed during the Google Reader switch
  • contact Blogger/Google to see if I can just transfer my domain or call Verio and ask to have that other kind of account to get my goddamn domain back
  • make a game plan for weaning the Bird; review the weaning book for toddlers that sucks (lol: the books sucks and the toddler suck.)
  • manage weekday single motherhood for two weeks while Bu works as Software Support Guy from 3pm until 11pm.
  • make sure I didn't scare my new friend K away forever while embarrassingly drunk Saturday and send her the Photoshop links I told her about while I could still pronounce English words
  • return K's shoes sdometime this century, prefereably after blogging me in them because they are saucy
  • get Bu to help me take some shots of stuff yo get Thrifty Thursdays rolling
  • hound teh Souster to get her blog up and running and then throw a big loud blog pimping virtual party


  1. ummm, about that feed and feed reader thing ... how do i get a comments feed for your blog?

  2. I <3 stains on couches. I want to french kiss your wood panel.

  3. Bine I'll have to poke around to see how to create it. Sure it can be done:)

    Laura, Be careful of tongue splinters... lmao! You rock and beneath the thin veil of neuroses, I'm dying to see you again! Dying. Peeing in my pants with anticipation.