Saturday, July 5, 2008

clover fairy

This one shows le booboo best. It looks a mite grosser now. We are on infection watch and hoping it's just scabby normalcy. Ergh.  The rest of this supercute shoot are at the Bird's Flickr page. By the way, knotting clover wreaths for my baby girl? New favorite thing ever. Better than xanax.


  1. I could eat her with a spoon, that's how cute teh cute is!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!


  2. oh good, i have finally found you again! was to busy and out of my mind lately to search through my old bookmarks.
    the fairy clover is just so sweet. looking a really grown up girl already, too! hope the booboo is healing good. i'll have to try knotting clover wreaths, lol!