Thursday, July 10, 2008

eye can't blog

Meh. Cornea is b0rked again. More needle poking on Monday probably. So, with the typing thing meaning I have to be an  inch from my keyboard and can type 3 words per hours (and there is light-induced pain) I'm taking a Blogtopia vacay. Maybe Laura will dictate a post for me and be all secretary. .. but not in a Maggie way because of the good wifeness of me:)

Also, Bu needs to photo my mismatched pupils. It's very Delirium to have only one dilated. Oh, but flash in my face? No.

Now I have to go finish my extreme home makeover from Working Mama Chaos to Welcome It Does Not Stink Here and You Will Be Comfy. (And I'm so excited! How strange to be seeing such a dear friend for only the second time in person.)


  1. :::::cornea healing vibes::::::::::

    Hope you were brave enough to do the photos, cause that sounds really cool... maybe in the sunlight sans flash? Momentary pain, my dear... it's all in the name of Art!


  2. Don't let a hubby stop you having laura be all secretary like. `Hubby

  3. Oh, mah people... I didn't get photos, sadly.

    Nor did I engage in naughty role play with L, much to above horny husband's chagrin. See how my mate only comments if I allude to SM fantasy flirting?