Monday, July 14, 2008

focusfreeblogging. (local grief. eyeball stuff. period rant.)

Various status updates & junk today I think. Nothing at all approaching eloquence is permissible on Mondays during my period. OK, let's start there. I am an Alpha Female, I deduced, because I gave Laura the curse*, and I continue to observe the Bird's extreme tweakiness during my moonyblood. The re-entry Monday thing plus the hormones means I'm going on like 3 hours of broken nipples-gnawed-upon sleep. Fun.

The eye doctor visit went as follows: Long fucking wait :: CNN :: New Yorker, I um, ergh... whew, uh, I dunno. That's kinda, well, just... Are ya sure that was a good idea? :: Excellent Times thing on Mark Twain :: Gawd I gotta read Huck Finn, I totally suck :: Quickie review of River of Gods, sounds amazing, maybe I tweeted that? :: Doctor! Finally!!!!!!!! :: eye blip is outside the area he poked before, so we are waiting three weeks then he might do more needle poking then

Oh, then Taco Bell. Shit. This deserves its own post probably.

A guy shot and killed his girlfriend at the Taco Bell near my house last weekend and they are open again now and they were crazy packed when I stopped for dinner. I saw a big, bulging full box for donations for her family, and I almost choked up in line. After I got to the grandies,' Papaw told me all the sales today are donated as well. I was really touched by that- like corporate must have made that decision. The YWCA is making sure that the social ramifications are being examined (there was ongoing abuse) and the community has really been critical and smart about questioning the murderer's status of being free after many many crimes previous to this.

And now it's me and my girl for the evening. Her pops is teaching evenings again this week, but tomorrow night he's off. Hoping for family date of some sort.

*Also we shared great first blood stories including said phrase:)


  1. The CURSE! Thanks Gram.

    *licks eyeball* Kinky and will cure what ails ya.

    That's really amazing that your community rallied around to support the family of the girl who was murdered.

    I'm so excited about your visit!!!

  2. Oh god, ewww at Laura's comment. I mean, it's effective though! But oh, urp.

    Eyeball things make my eyes water. I hope yours decides to finally get the hell better soon!