Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So, when Schmutzie tells me* someone is a hottie, I need to see, because I trust Schmutzie to know these things and to have great taste. So I found Sarah Dopp, (and her pretty head) then her project Genderfork. Zowiewow- it's a plethora of androgynous gorgeousness and beatific lovely awesome.

This link is so hot you'll probably melt your chair, so consider that fair warning. I am not responsible for the mess.

*By "tells," I mean "twitters" and by "me" I mean the whole world.


  1. When I say "hottie", I know of what I speak. Dopp's got it.

  2. OH w00t! Made a hottie blush! I so rock.

    And FYI, intarwebz, I'm physiologically incapable of crushing on someone whose brain I don't love too, so trust that I admire Sarah and the charming Schmutzie for their words and wit.

    And that also sheds some light on my unnatural level of distress about the recent WTF with Christian Can I Lick the Batsuit PLZ Bale- my crushes tend to go poof! when I lose respect. I don't know whether to trust the mess-sweepers-under now that it seems it was all a "misunderstanding."

    Please Goddess don't let Maggie Gyllenhaal beat up (or yell at even?) her mother. OK.

  3. Oh my, I need a cold shower now!