Friday, July 4, 2008

life of me: baby drama & art

So, life has been absolute insanity. We had the Bird to the ER Tuesday? Wednesday? late. She ran into a wooden TV stand with, apparently very sharp-edged legs. I was happily fiddling around in Photoshop and the grandies called to tell us she's gotten a medium-horrible booboo and needed a couple of stitches. Ended up, they just glued it and we were spared needles in my child, which is my very least favorite thing ever. Jab them into me and I'll fucking thank you and pay you for it, assuming the end result is shiny or inky. Stick them in the baby, and I crumple down like a spazzed boneless mama. I kept remembering her little heel stick to test her blood for whatever junk the morning after she was born. I was so sad for my tiny, wailing, baby and still deeply crushed that we weren't wrapped in handmade quilts and listening to my woman power mix CD at the birth center.

She's mostly peachy now. The residual effects of the booboo drama are some swelling still, a bruised eye, and a new tendency to zOMG cry and yell "DOC-doc!!!" when she gets even a slight bump. Then parental figure says, "No, it's OK," and she smiles and says, "Uh-huh: Fine!" and resumes play. Very cute.

I ripped this from my art blog:

This is a quick and dirty collage of the source drawings I did by hand for the Weave cover. The final work is called 'Cradle.' I'm really excited about the symbolism as well as the utter prettiness of the finished piece. It went through a scary phase but I think it has more mystery and atmosphere now. The issue should be released- I think- in August. I hit the zone hard this week, in the sense of being crazy into the work and forgetting details like eating and sleeping. I have read recently that apparently this is called Flow in Zen Buddhism. In school we always just called it the Zone. It's amazing, there is no time, I get out of my meta brain. It is home.


  1. souster - i feel you...

    went thru the same thing pretty much with son #2... they ended up gluing his head back together... keep a watch on it... his ended up infected... a VERY RARE complication, but a pain in the ass nonetheless...

    hope bu heals quickly!!!

  2. (((((((((((love)))))))))))))))

    Love the drawing!