Friday, July 18, 2008

made my bed; lying in it

100 percent honest day!!!

And it is full of pee.

Polkadot witch wants to know about a time when I actually wet myself and requested a headline regarding an embarassing moment. (Done.) And so I'm not cheating with the "two birds" thing, let me offer up some more honesty-drenched peepee talk. If I'm standing or walking, and I sneeze, cough, or laugh, I will most likely leak a bit. There have not been enough Kegels

i'm doing them right now!

in my life since childbirth. It's a forgetting thing. They are fun to do. Crazy fun. I just can't remember.

Dana, yeah you called me out. I'm getting a minor web crush on you. Have not, of course, seen said hot body but your profile photo is very pretty. Plus you're all flirty with girls and I loves that. So.

And yes, I will be truth-filled in real life today. Let's hope the grandies don't ask me any point blank questions about sexual orientation or former binge-drinking shame.


  1. Well, you know. I am probably too old for you. But you don't have to look at my face when we make the lady love. ;) Put a sack on it or make me wear a Dolly Parton mask or something. Eew ... on second thought, maybe not a Dolly Parton mask. Maybe an Uma Thurman mask. She's older than me, but H.A.W.T.

    Next question: If you could never wear one piece of (essential) clothing ever again, what would you do away with, and why?

  2. Shoes. I prefer bare feet. My toes like to breathe. Or pants, even, because I wear skirts pretty often. But no- you cannot take away my sexy jeans. So I'll stick with shoes.

    Sigh. I really want to say a bra, because they are so uncomfortable, but I don't like the very droopy shape of my boobs without a bra. It's not so goddessy to admit, but I'd really love a perky pair of Bs and to frolick in little spaghetti strap tops with no bra. And there is some truth.