Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mama Magpie's Treasure Nest Tuesdays: Coming soon. Probably on Tuesday.

Great Goddess Gaia, people. There are too many people on these interwebs. I had the brilliant, original idea to start a weekly feature of my thrift store stash. Something Thrift Store Thursday-ish. So I finally thought, well.. I'll google it, see if it's been done. Totally has been done. But it's not my stuff, so. I forged on, a not-pioneer in the well-traveled but still mysterious cyber territory. Enlightenment hit on the way to work: Magpie! Souster always calls me a magpie because of my magnetic attraction to shiny stuff. It brewed like Good Earth Tea in my head. I poured it out, and ooo: Sister Magpie. As in, say... Sister Magpie's Treasure Nest Tuesdays.

I loved this so much, the whole idea of Sister Magpie, that for 15 minutes or so I seriously considered changing my whole online persona to Sister Magpie. Frightened, I googled the name. It is so taken. There is an LJer who writes Harry Potter fanfic and I can't steal her persona, however magpie-like that would be. So Mama Magpie it is, and fortunately that's not, despite my adoration of alliteration, anywhere near as catchy as Sister Magpie. Also, there is a song with cute lyrics (by a band with a cute name: Kinky Machine) that I'll have to listen to soon:
Have you met my sister magpie
She wants to have a piece of your mind
Among the bright young things she keeps
She's a relic from the 70's

Sister magpie
Tried to steal the moon because it shines
And no one wants to look you in the eye
Anyway.. birdies. Shiny stuff. Pretty. Laura and I wrote poems to each other online one evening, which oh! the fun & sweetness of that... and somehow bowerbirds came up. Here is a crazy blue amazing eye of a female bower bird:

The crazy thing is the males attract their mama birds by accessorizing their nests with bright blue trinkets & berries & stuff. It's like this cobalt blue is a cosmic mission. Their eyes are this color, and they want stuff this color, and it's so interesting and beautiful that it begged to be tack onto a magpie post.

I think my first Mama Magpie's Treasure Nest Tuesday post will profile Goldie Hawn, my 1985 Chevy Cavalier. She's a pukey gold color and has no luxuries at all. Not even a cassette player or a cup holder. She does, however, get much better gas mileage than the Bean (our parental and awesome Outback. 7 fucking CDs can play in that baby. Seven!) So I adopted Goldie. Bu had been her pilot for a while, but now I have an actual work commute and am the gas sucker of the family. (Don't ask about the abysmal state of buses in Charleston, WV.) Goldie was a second hand gift, so she qualifies for the Treasure Nest thing.

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