Friday, July 18, 2008

nickelback. 1,000 kisses to whomever can bring me the decapitated heads of nickelback.

100 percent honest day!!!

So. Laura tweets:

@daisybones If you could choose to have your "elephantgirl" arm replaced with "regular" arm, would you?
Yes. I've done plenty of identity-thinking and art stuff about it, and I am pretty sure that I'm in the "make my life a bit easier plz" camp on this issue. My back problems would lessen, most likely, and I could run away and join a rock band as a Hawt Bassist. Of course, this is assuming it's magic and not insane, risky surgery... or that I'm guaranteed a safe operation. I hope I could keep the life experiences and memories. If that's not included it is a much cloudier issue. I'm still leaning toward "yes" though, and some part of me says "sellout!" but it would be nice to drive a stick shift, cut my own hair, and meet a new child without having The Talk.

More questions? I'll have to answer later- fun with family at a county fair this eve, then morning Dark Knight matinee tomorrow but anything posted before then I'm calling good:)


  1. Do you really think fun and county fair go hand in hand? If so, why? And, do they have butter sculptures?

  2. OK, it's true (100%) that fun + county fair don't normally come together in sentences I utter. However, I very much enjoy taking the Little Bit on outings with her grandmother because I get to enjoy her in a much less intense way than our usual interaction. She tends to cling about equally to her Mamaw and me, so I get a 50% less crazed evening:)

    Will report back on the butter sculptures. I'm rather hoping there aren't any as it's been pretty hot lately and the idea sounds smelly and rancid.