Friday, July 18, 2008

one last honest to goddess update

Dana, what weird space-time continuum do you occupy wherein you are both too old for me and younger than Uma (purr) Thurman? In truthy fact, my #1 hardcorest (sigh, unrequited) crush of all time was older than my mom:) No bag for you.


Also, the fair was seriously annoying. The baby was so fussy I wanted to take her home and read her quiet stories and nurse but we drove eleventy-one hours to goddamn nowhere to eat funnel fucking cake and watch motorcycle races and see huge pigs, so we stayed. Molly rode her first carnival ride with amazing baby squee. That was nice, and so was an actual-fruit smoothie. They have those! At the fair!

Everything I actually verbalized was true but Oh holy shit. Just realized I'm a filthy lying liar. Lied to my sweet precious baby, even. I pulled the making-up-fake-rules bullshit: "You're not allowed to ride that anymore. Only once is allowed." Damn.


Other than that, I was honest with everything that came out of my mouth. I did withhold some nuggets like, "Oh, Mamaw, did you notice that young mom in front of us has a crazy short skirt and very awesome legs? Total hottie." I also was quiet when she referred to the "man" in the (awesomely bloody colored full) moon although I considered telling Molly something about the Goddess. But as I'm kind of floundering about where to fall on the pagan to secular humanist scale of UU mamas, and also totally forgot in the moment that I was into Honesty today, I just frowned.

Honesty, Blythe, it's easier to be truthful in a semi-anonymous blog than in real life. I did wear capris with my hairy legs, though, so perhaps I get Authentic Self points for that. Good exercize, anyway, even if I flunked. When I can be awake longer, I'm excited to check out the other entries.

Good night all.

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