Wednesday, July 23, 2008

road trip tunes

My mofo iTunes is b0rked, so I grabbed a hundred million CDs for the road including, but not limited to:

-Jimmy Page + Black Crowes
-Susan Tedeschi
-Tracy Chapman
-PJ Harvey
-Prodigy (or The Prodigy...?)
-Pink Floyd
-Lords of Acid
-Paul Simon
-Pearl Jam
-Sam Phillips
-Dar Williams

This is the kind of random I encounter in our music collection:)


  1. I love seeing Dar Williams in this list. Especially mixed with Pink Floyd. You know Dar covered Comfortably Numb?

  2. lol & I like seeing Paul Simon on the same page w/ Pink Floyd and Jimmy Page, your profile inspires me to think about updating my profile here on blogger.... maybe soon... trying to grab what's left of summer right now - having a grill night!