Monday, July 7, 2008

sex positive, anyone?

So I need a new web project, right? Eleventy million half-assed blogs clearly is not enough. So, I'm starting up a sex positive bloggers web ring blogroll thing with pretty badges and buttons. I'll keep you posted and when the web ring site's all prettified you can join up:) Meanwhile, please enjoy this lovely online temple of the Yoni. kthxbai.


  1. Do I have to write about sex to be considered sex-positive? I write about diddling myself. Does that count?

  2. Dana, LOL! It actually counts more if you're like me and it is a much fast and more reliable route to le O:)

    Actually I'm thinking that it's not at all about sex topic blogging, but about regular women and men who just wanna shout out like a hey, I support healthy sexuality in all forms. Maybe we could have occasional sex post carnival things or something? It's alll a big amorphous Concept right now.