Saturday, July 19, 2008

A "Nothing Substantial to Say" Post

I haven't cleared my schedule for an art day since about two weeks ago. I'm feeling unapologetic about this fact- at least in this moment. Mothering issues abound. Currently employing a video with animated dogs- 101 of them- to distract the child so I can catch up online.

Luckily, there is a little (baby-free) road trip this coming week. I'm off to Pittsburgh with the husband Wednesday through Saturday. I'm off to hit up the Mattress Factory site and other museums to see if I can squeeze in some art gawkage while I'm in town.

Also on the menu is a meeting of friends into the Skeptics scene. I'm craving intellectual discourse as much as I am Yeungling so Drinking Skeptically should be excellent. They are apparently excited as well to have a self-avowed dirt worshiper and an agnosticish techie joining the mostly atheist crowd.

*Edit* Ah! It seems there's something at MF dealing with robots- my science geek friends will be delighted! Nature girl me will be in bliss just to sit in the garden installation again:

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