Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Treasure Nest Tuesday #1: Goldie

[imagine a fab art nouveau graphic right here. it says Treasure Nest Tuesday, and has a magpie. you find it stunning.]

Introducing Goldie Hawn, my very own Chevy Cavalier extraordinaire, circa 1985. A second-hand treasure and V4 engine gas-saver, Goldie was a gift from my step-grandfather...

who is a Freemason. Yeah. So I'm desperately seeking funky liberal stickers to replace this junk.

But this baby stays, because I'm a grunge texture junkie.

(Feel free to right click and Photoshop "wash me" on it, so I can cry about my neglect of everything related to my life that isn't attached to my breasts.)

Goldie is a Treasure Nest feature because she embodies the gist of the thing: buy (or solicit gifts of) used stuff, save the planet*, subvert the consumerist paradigm. I think this glorious golden beastie gets like 30 or 31 mpg versus the Bean's 28ish- the Bean being the used 2001 LL Bean Edition Subaru Outback mom-mobile that Bu, in his lower mileage life, is now rocking.

*I know; public transportation is a big pain-in-the-ass FAIL in WV.


  1. Hooray!

    MO fails public transportation too. Especially my county who voted, VOTED, no to having the light rail come here from St. Louis...because they were scared of black people coming in from the city to rob them.

    I wish I was joking about that.

  2. Yargh. I wish you were joking, too. I feel your pain, though. Witness the parade of racist hill folk on the national news regarding their inability to vote for a black presidential candidate.