Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Treasure Nest Tuesday #2: The Leather Question

I've debated this a few times with a few people, but here is my Official Position on buying second-hand leather: 'S All Good. The animal murder industry (geez... Get me: I haven't even looked at PETA's newsletter in months) doesn't get my cash; the charity thrift store does. Or the mom who held the yard sale, or the student who posted it on eBay, or what have you. Who have you. Anyway, the record now shows that I am not squicked by the wearing of used leather. Besides, old leather looks way cooler.

Molly said, "Pic me!" so endearingly I "pic"ed her along with mah shooz. (Then the cat wanted in, but he wouldn't do anything at all clever or caption-worthy. He's far too cool for lolz, is Baron von Fang, the Lord Shade.)

I love these; they are my hippiest-dippiest footwear. They work best, of course, with my vast collection of long flowing skirts. Slightly paradoxically, they make me feel uber-professsional, because the heels are hard and they make a High-Heeled, Pants-Suited Woman's confident click click click. It's an immensely satisfying sound.

BTW, photo peeps, I did the tripadelic color thing up there on purpose. I am not that suck. Almost, but not quite.


  1. Those are awesome! And I'm of the same mind about used leathers.

  2. You know my first boyfriend is a VP at PETA. Of course you don't know. But now you do. Doesn't that rock? I would send you the photo of him streaking in London with "goveg.com" written on his back, but sadly I cannot find it. :(

  3. Thanks, 'Dora! w00t!

    Dana, Interesting. In my life, all vegetarians are female. It's funny. I'm ambivalent about PETA. They can be so very aggressive and alienating.