Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm in a strange, heavy existentialist funk. How, in the world we occupy, do people maintain mental health without medication? Are there any intelligent, sensitive people who are both content and not medicated in Western civilization? Do please tell me if you fit this rarefied description.

 I have to drive to work now.Spilling toxins into the air like blood in order to go consume energy from flourescent lights and a different computer.

I need

a commune
a vision quest
a prescription
a guru

and/or all of the above.


  1. I believe we want too much sometimes. So I'm trying to pare back and just live.

    Hard REALLY hard, especially lately. But needed.

  2. @thordora Well put. I think I do measure my happiness and even my worth as a human being against unrealistic, lofty things. I do need to simplify and be mindful so badly. Thanks for the grounding wisdom!

  3. I don't fit, but I'm trying REALLY hard!

  4. @SugaredHarpy I know... on good days I fit my own lofty ideal. Really, really good days... For 15 minutes, post orgasm on really, really good days... lol.

  5. Often, after reading one of your posts, I revisit my steadfast belief that we were separated at birth...or sisters in a former life.

    This one? Takes the cake.

    I have only knocked one of those things off my list (and there exists an ACTUAL LIST that I have written that includes 3 of the 4 things you have written here.)

    Can we hang out, please?

  6. Sister, I have two other blog soul mates crashing here for our Pirate party- bring a sleeping bag and come on!

    What's on your list? What one did you cross off?