Thursday, August 14, 2008

hipster fuck u

So I'm blearily winding my way through my feeds, and Laura IMs to ask if I've read Davka's piece about Adbuster's hipster-slaying article. Because I want to make sweet sweet love to the creative lobe of Davka's brain, I stopped everything to read her take on the vapid cultural phenomenon. I didn't really have a cohesive grasp on this term Hipster beyond an old article about Gruppies, who I now know are too old to be hipsters, and that cute but ubiquitous haircut with the perfect kind of long-in-front layering that's shag but not and lays messy in just the right way. (Which, honestly, I think is adorable and wore myself a couple years ago before life distracted me from getting a haircut any more frequently than every six months.)

Davka also linked a retort to the Adbusters piece. Here's what I have learned from contrasting the two: Whoever writes Street Boners and TV Carnage comes off as a colossal asshole and having had no reading on my own internal cultural barometer about the scene previous to the two contrasting essays, I feel I have an excellent gist of the empty masturbatory waste that is Hipsternessismology after seeing this dude's take on the Adbusters and similar detractors.

Says Asshat Guy,
Well, the first reason is, journalists doing pieces like this are usually getting closer to 30 and they see this new generation of kids as worthless young upstarts who don’t care about stuff as much as they should. This is a natural part of getting older. Seniors will always hate sophomores. That’s why there’s wedgies. The problem arises when you try to categorically prove this generation sucks and you were the real deal. Sorry, but your youth was not that special. (Emphasis my own proudly greying, stretchmark-laden 32 year old ass's.)
Are you fucking serious? Your arguement against journalists crucifying your lifestyle is "zOMG u r so old- ur almost 30. You bitter, ancient fuck!" There are no relevant defensive points here- just more ultraubermetafuckingcool language that says nothing. The argument that every generation rails against the next is painfully stupid. Decades past saw actual counter-culturalism. Movements! (Apparently, according to Adbusters, true hipsters are too lazy to even move when they dance! *snerk*) What we have now is this group of kids completely idolizing plastic crap culture bullshit and calling it ironic. Also, the gap between 20 and 30 is not a generation gap, dickhole.

Maybe there is something to the rose colored generational thing, and I know I over-idealize my mom's generation. My own though... the just barely too young to be solidly in Gen X but hovering in a big-sister-mama way over Gen Y (Gen Why? What's the term?) it's a weird fucking vantage point. We have so many resources, so much potential to change things drastically... and we like what? We're lost in the abundances of our culture, and overstimulated to zombie levels most or the time. Spinning in place.

I'm not excepting myself... this is a giant part of my guilt about not time managing and stuff. I'm not doing my part. My redneck mountain of recycling isn't saving the planet. My half ass art making isn't enriching minds or even realizing my own creative capabilities. So I'm reading this as a call to arms- to craft meaning and throw myself into finding little real actions to salvage a species.

(And thanks, Bu, for helping me name that focus. he talks about the Gaia theory and reminds me that Earth will save herself. That save the hoomans is the need. Or not. He is occasionally of the mind that we are a hindrance to Earth life. Correct me if I misunderstand your philosophy, my love.)

*Edit: because me fail English is ununpossible. And now I'm inspired and have made me a little FAIL button:


  1. So first, I am totally annoyed that I got sucked in by your tweet to read this and now I will have to go back and read all the citations including asshat man. I have work to do. So maybe I am really actually annoyed at debbie for making me know about you (via our mutual DYBTN entaglement) and all this. So. I suppose I will go bitch to debbie now.

    But first - before even reading the citations, I must say that the argument that an anti-hipster stance is nothing more than age-based bias is crap. Thinking way back into my own 20s, my world was all up in arms about hipsters (at my college, we called them "coolies" oddly) and we were all young then. Love 'em or hate 'em, it had nothing to do with age.

  2. @Nonlineargirl

    I blame Deb for everything. Go kick her ass;) Give her my love/angst, too, for making me fall in love with a dozen blogger/thrifters when I can't keep up with my RSS feeds as it is!

    Anyway, the articles aren't too long.

    Coolies I love, because it has a somehow contradictory dorky sound that would, I hope, totally piss off the HipsterCoolies.

  3. I love the interconnectedness already happening here. Linky goodness!

    Anyway, you were way more thorough than I was and actually read the hipster rebuttal article and I just couldn't even bring myself to click because I would be yelling at my monitor while at work.

    I almost felt like asshat guy was going to end his bitchfest with "Na-na-na-na-naaa-naaa!" and then fart or something. Seriously, how old are we 12? Besides, when did 30 become old? Unless he IS 12... hmm...

  4. ZOMG, I am a grup! Awesome! (Except not a New Yorker grup, a Californian one, which -- ya know -- WEST COAST BABY!!!! -- is different :D)

    Hipsters... meh. I prefer the term Scenesters and I think they're annoying, except for that they are also kinda cool, cause we listen to the same stuff and watch the same movies and... yeah. Totally Grup, that's me!

  5. haha you rock, daisybones. This is perfect.

    He completely fails to address any of the Adbuster guys amazing points. He basically reinforces the ageism inherent in hipsterdom and the youth-obsessed culture at large. And, yeah just nearing thirty puts you squarely in the age of hipster mania.

    Also, somewhere in the article he makes some point that Starbucks is the originator of the popular coffee shop. He's full of shit. I was hanging out in family owned coffee shops since I was like 15 and that was almost eleven years ago in the middle of nowhere before anybody ever heard of Starbucks.

    Anyway, your post has inspired me to respond to his article. I will do that and link yours and Lauras in mine and we can google bomb that asshole. Love you ladies!