Wednesday, August 20, 2008

meta force be with you

OMfuckingErisAndFSM there are a hot zillion people in my hometown reading my blog. OK, a zillion percent of my few reading people.

I'm convincing myself that this is BloodLossGirl and Scrabble Crush and Veeta and Crash and Broad Manly (hi, Mr. Daisy) clicking over and over again from different computers. Because my other family is not reading my blog. But if you are, hi. I love you and 1) I will probably never really stop celebrating Christmas even though I'm nauseous after watching What Would Jesus Buy and contemplating another winter of telling the baby evil, evil corporate lies, 2) I would really like you to buy me a copy of Peter Pan for the Bird because my imagination is running out, 3) Dad, I am afraid you'll have to pry my nose ring out of my cold rigid corpse but rock on with not mentioning it in a long time and with the not fainting at the wedding a few years ago when you saw my tattoos for the first time, and 4) Now please go away for the next paragraph.

I am still utterly pleased that I continue to get hits from "wiccan porn" searches. I have plans to write a book of it and become very rich because there are others who want to read about orgiastic cavorting under full moons and maenad revivals. I spent a fruitless search for decent erotica late last night and am convinced that my own inventings are way sexier than the tripe that passes for arousing on these our beloved intarwebs.

(This post brought to you be a certain feed analyzer suddenly deciding I'm not blinvisible anymore. Blinvisible is both a BTVS reference from the best season, #6, and also makes a perfect new term for blog invisibility.)

Also, no one is finding me anymore by searching for "night weaning." Pity, since I hacked that baby up right. Use the sun, people. Use the sun. It's magic.


  1. First of all, I have no less than four computers, all with unique IP generators, set up to view your blog. Now that you've discovered my secret, I'll have to figure out a better, more covert way.

    Secondly, if you've got an original idea, go for it! That's so rare now because it seems like everything that could be written about has been!

    Thirdly...maybe people who would be searching for "night weaning" keep nodding off.

  2. "Wow, that would make a great porno!" for once, totally applies...

    I was wondering, do you know of any bloggy people that write about difability/disability/illness/etc? You're the only person I've found that even barely mentions their own personal experience with difability, though I am going to scan the archives...(Difabled=differently abled, get it? Also, I lurve "anatomical deviant" times ten zillion! I think you had that up on le blog earlier...)

    Anyway, I'm just trying to figure out wtf is going on with my blog, my writing, my obsessions, which I think are suffering... Any advice from your lovely self is welcome :)

    (PS I just finished season six. It is, in fact, The Shiz.)

    (PPS I commented here another time with another blog account and I think you commented and it made me smile! and blush a little! Je suis le poet formerly known as thelittleistgypsy/thehippiethatcan :) )

  3. @TTHBTK
    LOL! Those mamas totally are falling asleep on their keyboards before they get their search results:)

    Always! I have moved in. Your brain now has racks for lovebeads and a poster of Johhnny Depp tacke4d to the ceiling.

    But of course! I totally remember you:) I was thinking of you yesterday, actually... I saw the Blog Against Disablism badge on a blog somewhere and was thinking of my post and the awesome people I connected with then. I'll email you when I have time later. XoXo

  4. Wiccan porn... seems to be a lot of paranormal porn these days (OK, romance novels which are Not The Same Thing! Cut to the sex already o0). I brought one home from the library that was a vampire/ demon riff thing. I don't know. It was teh boring, even tho it was 2 boys and a girl. Meh. M read it, I think.

    I am more into the visual these days as it is about 1100% more times potent.

    I can has poster of Jonny Depp tacked on the ceiling of my brain, plz?