Monday, August 18, 2008

monday morning thinking: this statement, in itself is a testament to the effectiveness of sleep as tonic curing all ills.

Weeds is the best series since Buffy. Firefly. I want to make out with Netflix's "Watch Instantly." And also, with Rocky & Laura who told us about Weeds. How drunk do I have to get y'all?

By popular demand, the Pirate Party is now a Pirates & Mermaids Party.

Night weaning is the best decision I have ever made. The Bird is doing so much better, and her mama is no longer thinking lustily of pills. I need new ideas for stories, as the Peter Pan Chronicles (as told by Daisybones, adapted from characters by some dood that Johnny Depp portrayed once.. I kid. Much props to J.M. Barrie) have replaced boob time in the bedtime ritual.

Pop music is my poison this morning. Maroon 5 is making me bop in my chair, so shut up.

Cancer fucking sucks. Via my NPR obsession and Sweetney's link blog: Leroy Sievers' "My Cancer" blog.He died this weekend. The good here? I started thinking (and thethought train actually started Sunday at the park as I obsessed aboutsun exposure) about how my diet is not an optimal diet for cancerprevention. My family history is not good- but then mom smoked, and thewhole cascade of complex emotions tumbled after that awareness- whatthe fuck mom? We really, really wanted you to quit. And I have to stopthat now...

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