Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the more i think the less i know or, "why so serious?" or, do i really want to quote a movie here?

I'm having a massively hard time with this blog right now. I'm stuck in a self-editing, self-censoring, analytical mind about it. I'm approaching it way too seriously. I used to be all willy-nilly lalalala, posting a pissed off rant about a news event, then a babysquee poem, then art, then a goofy meme, then a tearful mom memory. Now I'm all worried that I need to decide on a voice, even as I know that I'm a compendium of many voices. I'm a disharmonious chorus. It used to be diary of the eclectic with a header featuring a Buddha image right next to a doodle of my boobs.

I don't know why I'm over thinking it now, other than the fact that I'm doing that globally right now.

Part of the weirdness, too, is not wanting to spill my guts because they're already spilled and I don't want to indulge. Not that I think blogging is indulgent- I think public journaling and self-publishing is profoundly powerful. I mean I don't want to indulge my tendency to worry about my worries and I certainly don't want to feel like a big, repetitive, boring whinemonster.

P.S. Happy thought: click through- there's a graphic header now:)

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