Monday, August 18, 2008

planning to make plans... when is it that life happens?

I'm thinking of ways to make myself stop hyperventilating when I get a creative surge in my brain. Right now what happens is it's followed immediately by an avalanche of conflicting worries and unmeshing priorities. I sit in this frozen indecisive state and accomplish nothing. I think I need to write down all my creative desires, then prioritize- probably drastically. Like, it might be a good idea to just do this blog only.... but then I still need to pimp out the Jersey blog, and the sex positive thing just needs to be set in motion and then it'll be fine, and um, ergh.

I have to budget my time and decide what can give. Something has to. I'm not doing beautiful things and that is sort of the reason I'm on this planet taking up oxygen that could grow flowers. I'm not good at anything else, and why should I be? I'm an artist, but I'm not artmaking. I'm like...

I'm a bee that is crawling with ants instead of making honey?

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