Saturday, August 9, 2008

this morning, drinking coffee in the morning shade

daisybones: *sigh* What an amazing morning. It smells all fresh and the temparature's perfect and just... ahhhhhh. It's like Morning_Porch.

broadmanly: Huh?

daisybones: He twitters his morning sounds and stuff. He's in ruralish somewhere. They're so sweet. They're so wholesome, it's like... eating organic granola with fair trade coffee... OMG that's a finch! We have finches! I love little finches... Oh! OK, its like eating organic granola with fair trade coffee on a handmade hemp sleeping bag in the woods. With dew on your toes! You should follow him.

broadmanly: Riiiggghhht. *nods, straps paintball guns onto his camo-clad self. makes serious Man face* If I don't make it back, tell the Boo I love her.

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