Monday, August 18, 2008

scary monsters, superfreaks

I really, really wish I had video to illustrate this post, but since, as you'll read, my nipple was involved, I was stuck.

The Bird (after announcing "My house! I home! I home!" with such pure glee that Bu's and my hearts melted into puddles in the driveway when the grandies dropped her off) asked to nurse: "have nah-num? I have?" So I said "Wanna nurse?" and she said "sure" (which is her cutest word... something about the lilt in her voice) and climbed up on me and nursed. While attached to the boob, she started bopping her head. I laughed a little, then she started really headbanging and gave me the devil horns sign. Then she pulled off to tell me "I Cap Hook."

At bedtime she demanded a song about a monster. When I tried to pull off a cutesy purple fluffy baby monster she insisted that, no, it had to be scary.

This kid is fucking awesome.

And tonight, Hook kidnapped Tinkerbell right off Pan's shoulder with some magic fairy roofie-potion.

(Bush icon looted in act of ruthless piracy; is not mine own.)

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