Friday, August 8, 2008

self portrait as a blurb

This is my bio for Weave Issue #1:
["Daisy" MaidenName Lastname] is an obsessively introspective doodler and writer. She holds a BA in printmaking and ceramics and is now working with digitally layered and manipulated drawings. Her work is intensely psychological and employs autobiographical themes. She often layers text from her journals and poems into her work. Her pieces invoke spiritual as well as emotional states grounded in the human body. ["Daisy"] lives in Charleston, WV with her husband and daughter.
I am hoping it makes good sense to people outside of my head. Artist statements and bio blurbs are tricky like that. They sound so great in the brain but then in print they mock you with not quite expressing what they promised you they would.

Obsessive doodler. I'm leaving drooly lust puddles at this web design tutorial site. Their tricks are schweet, but also I want to have designed the website myself. It's exactly what daisybones is supposed to taste like. Maybe slightly less chaotic-pretty but yeah. This is my acid trip of an aesthetic.

Yay: babysitter pending, tomorrow is art/design catch up day:)


  1. Good bio. I should get you to read my hillybilly vampire story & write my synopsis for me ;)

  2. @Eden

    Thanks! Reading it now it's a tiny bit choppy. No doubt I overcompensated for my purposefully run-on meandery blog style.

    Hilbilly vampires, FTW! Bring it on- I'll blurb you any day:)

  3. Oh, I think it sounds just like what I think you to be. It's a lovely bio!