Wednesday, August 27, 2008

space and density

I had this interesting sensation and insight the other day. I experienced my body as having too little density for my liking. It wasn't about taking up too much space. Wasn't about size. It was about my fat tissue sort of feeling floaty and uncompact. It was about not being a strong muscled being condensed around a center. It was about not feeling solid, sturdy.

It struck me as a new and more aware approach to my physical presence. There was no measuring against thinness or delicacy as a feminine ideal. It was, rather, a meditation on human muscle and bones working in concert. About a spine axis and skeletal support that were a perfect if improbably assymetrical frame asking for muscles to guide it in healthy, graceful movement- for a heated alchemy to sculpt suppleness and power from a body that is too unfocused.

I want to find my center of gravity and worship it.

Can't find photographer credit. The site I stole it from stole it from somewhere else. It's a Botero sculpture. Photoshopping by me.


  1. I think this is so lovely. I know just what you mean. I am tall so I hide my weight well, but I know I'm not as healthy and STRONG as I'd like to be. When I was hiking a couple weekends ago I felt so out of place in my body. So unsure of stepping and jumping from place to place. That was an odd feeling for me. I think sometimes we get caught up in the looking good part of our bodies, that we forget about feeling good and disciplining our bodies so we are able to do the things we want and be healthy.

  2. This was beautiful, interesting, true. Age is part of this, and..well, the internet for me.

    How are you? Love the pic.

  3. Thanks my lovelies:) I am OK, thank you much!

  4. Sounds like you are calling out to the universe for a "On the Mat" Pilates class...If you choose to get a DVD go with one by the folks at Gaiium (sp)
    There fitness DVDs excel.

  5. oh
    that was me - metahara aka

    I was still logged into the production gmail account from my most recent gig.

  6. :) Hara,

    I have a pilates band from that company, actually, from the thrift store. Come to think of it, I may have the video as well. I'm dying to take Tai Chi but there's no such thing in my town as a dirt cheap/free Tai Chi class. Perhaps I will try that pilates:)