Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Treasure Nest Tuesday #4: Fun with Copper

My photo skills are um, well.. they're improving. I shot this with the Rebel- not on full auto! so please give points for effort:)

I found this little fish in the basement of my beloved East End thrift store and the squee shattered windows in my West Side holler. She lives in my bathroom, bein sur, with red and gold beads twisted around her hanger beside a copper pot from a yard sale.

Eventually I plan to install a little hook and hang her from the ceiling- she hangs kinda wonkity from the nail on the window frame.

*** Edit#1 Whee! Fun with time: I forgot to post-date the post, then I fixed it, but Blogger'll keep it live anyway. Happy tomorrow morning, tonight:)

Edit #2 Damn! Forgot to plug Did You Buy That New, where I am now a contributor. See my trademark necklace that was my mama's here. ***


  1. I love it! In my mind's eye, I see it painted up all Jupiter Hamilton-like. We should trade lessons...I'll teach you what I know about photo composition and you can teach me how to use my shiny, new PhotoShop 10. (Heh...something tells me that's sort of a lopsided deal...in my favor.)

  2. @TTHBTK Deal! I've been meaning to invite you to hang out:) I'll email you privately later & we can make plans!