Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Treasure Nest Tuesday #5: First Halloween Revisted

Halloween is very much an everyday thing in our household lately. The Halloween Dora DVD is the post-bathtime ritual, and the upcoming pirate theme party is giving us essentially two Halloweens (!) and that, my friends, is a gothgirl dream come true. (And my little goth heart will always bleed a cold, undead black even as I evolve into an eclectic, no-style styled, comfy, adult person. I have recently found some very dark natural hair dyes, so maybe...)

Here we see the first Halloween costume on a 4 or 5 month old Mollybirdturtle. Dora the (Brain) Exploder is teaching her "trick or treat" and a love of monsters, and when asked what costume she'd like this year she says she wants to be a cat like Dora. This may be acceptable as we <3 cats, lol- and otherwise.

The warm, snuggly turtle suit was a hand-me-down from a friend. Excuse me now while I try to nibble my baby's cheeks through my monitor.


  1. Did we already know Remy-turtle and Molly-turtle were the same thing for their first Halloween?


    (He was a bee last year, and his dad wants to reuse the costume this year: http://alexisyael.livejournal.com/411299.html)

  2. @Lexie That's right, I'd forgotten. Maybe you can pack the bee suit and we'll put M in her ladybug dress and take photos that will be LETHALLY adorable! :)