Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4 free netflix trial cards

If there's anyone out there in Blogtopia not already entrenched in Netflix territory, I have 4 free trial cards. First four commenters get them. Just tell me your favorite actress (or female actor if you prefer?) & I'll get in touch privately to snag your mailing addy. You'll get a free month that must be activated by Samhain. (That's Halloween for you non-Wicca-nerds.)

Meh, I may not HAVE four readers who aren't members. And I'm not giving away awesome swag, but whatever: I have these things, and if you activate one, I get an extra DVD. If not, they'll just be extra paper to be recycled and that still consumes energy and you will totally burn in hell forever for that. 


  1. yes, believe it or not, your dear cousin DOES NOT have netflix...but i do have huge cable cable package + hbo/cinemax + dvr, so i can't really justify getting it. i don't even rent movies anymore; ondemand is sooooo easy.

    anywho, i've got different faves for different reason, but for this and for you i'll go with my current Ashley Judd. She is a freakin gorgeous, smart, sexy, empowered, talented human being. *sigh, swoon*

    and dood, we have to catch up!!!

    luvs to ya and yours


  2. we're on blockbuster, so... no need for the netflix!

  3. @ Nell: Ashley Judd does seem groovy & smart. Yay! Do you want a free trial just for shits & giggles? 'Cause I gots no takers:)

    @alexisyael: Hmm. I heard rumors Blockbuster was all into censorship and right wing zOMG EVUL. Never checked it out though. If you decide to jump ship in the next 30 days gimme a yell:)

  4. yes, dear that would be loverly!

    sweetie, do a little fun searching on Ms. Ashley and i think you'll fall in love. i'm actually kinda surprised you're not into her. she totally rock my socks.

    and i have heard the exact same things about blockbuster. so they don't get my non-existent business...neither does dominoes pizza.

    hey, would you like a cappuccino machine? I've got one that i just don't use EVER, and you're one person i know who might actually use and enjoy it. let me know...