Friday, September 26, 2008

attempts to explain why any sane person would vote republican, or liberals have gonads of steel

I give you this as a teaser to my forthcoming review of One Party Nation, which at present, I've had to suspend reading due to the financial crisis. Zing! Actually, I put it down for a bit because two consecutive nights I had terrible nightmares about old rich white men in dark rooms crafting conspiracies that were founded upon their getting exponentially more rich but tangentially manifested in my having no control over my womb, sexual choices, or religious practice.* 

Best quote:
Liberals were not sensitive to the scary images. Which means they're biologically inferior, because they'd die if a gay spider tried to abort their faces to death. Notable problems with this study: small sample, also wtf this doesn't explain anything.
It's a funny little snarkfest but the studies are real, if less than rigorous.

*or lack thereof. I'm still trying to form understandable thoughts about my current crisis-free religious crisis. (By which I mean a shift away from actual beliefs, maybe? but in a way that's not at all distressing. Or sexy. Because when, say, a cute guy studying for the priesthood has a crisis of faith, it's totally hot... like pent up biological fires all bursting though the restrictive black clothing and whatnot.)

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