Tuesday, September 9, 2008

back to the regularly scheduled blogging... oh, never maybe.

Treasure Nest Tuesday: I got nuthin'. Again. I'm going to be crazed with company and party prep, so I'm giving myself the month off. Or maybe I'll just quit. Whatevs... I'm completely forbidding myself from turning blogging into stress:)

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  1. Agreed! Blogging should not be stressful (and yet it so often is... especially when one gets annoyed easily by other people, as I do! Last night I had the most annoying blog-convo before bed :(

    I mean, what if the accelerator end of the world had happened? I would have been annoyed over the dumbest thing when we all died... le sigh.

    PS: I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh -- you could post the skirt you sent me (there are pics in my picasa here: http://picasaweb.google.com/alexisyael/August_08# as a pseudo treasure nest post if you want! Not the greatest pictures, but they might do...)