Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i'm not dead.

That thing last week where I threatened to quit? I meant Treasure Nest Tuesdays, not blogging. And here it is Tuesday again, and I never got around to clearing that up.

I actually went thrifting this Treasure Nest Tuesday, but I took no photos. I did live a very blogworthy story about misleading BLG (see, now I realize that BSG stands for Battlestar Gallactica, not Bloodlossgirl so duh I'm too crazed to abbreviate and from now on she's just Bloodlossgirl.) and showing up at the wrong store. I only have a few minutes to blog, though, so please imagine that you have just read a charmingly self-deprecating tale of Google Maps snafus, piratey shirts, a denim-and-room-divider-screens-obsessed friend, and a very pretty shawl.

I'd take photos now but OMG I'd miss House. I'm pretty sure Thirteen (wassername? Did they break her real name last season? I totally forget) is going to say how she has a thing for curvy lactating blogger art slacker moms with very slight twangs and Wiccan tattoos.

Also? I am newly frugal and resisted buying a teapot at the Thrift Store That Always Has Exactly One Very Daisyish Teapot. Had it in my hand, and put it down. All purchases today were pirate-themed. Except the shawl, but it drapes just so and I couldn't help it and GAWD PPL I put back the teapot so gimme props!

And, because I'm doing good on time, let me add this request: Please, if your church ever builds two thrift stores, do not construct them on the same street on opposite sides of town. Thrifty chicks will get lost. We are saving the earth and junk, so please be kind.

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