Thursday, September 4, 2008

my reaction to the RNC, Palin's speech, media circuses, and the blogosphere. part 1a

Dear "Dr." Laura,

You remain, as always, an offensive asshole. To wit:
Any full-time working wife and mother knows that the family takes the short end of the stick.  Marriages and the welfare of children suffer when a stressed-out mother doesn’t have time to be a woman, a wife, and a hands-on Mommy.
You know what?  I work, between my two jobs, just over full time most weeks. It sucks. Do you know who doesn't suffer? My daughter. I suffer like a madwoman trying to make it all happen, but betches, I make it all happen. So assholes of all makes and models, you can get all frothed up about loving or hating the bullshit policies this politician endorses, but lay the fuck off judging a working attached mother's parenting skills. Lay the fuck off expanding that judgment to all working moms.

Besides, Dr. Laura, you privileged, rage-inducing idiot, it's not like I have a goddamn choice in the matter in the first place.


  1. And I love how no one cares that dads who work full-time aren't doing their "proper duties" as a father/husband--as is usually the case in the past, anyway. Kids need a mother but daddy can work from 6-9, wtf?

    (Hopefully uplifting sidenote: I'm reading the Astonishing X-Men, mostly because Joss Whedon wrote it. It's delicious.)

  2. I don't think it should be "why are we asking her these questions?" but rather "why AREN'T we asking working men these questions as well?"


  3. Yes, I agree that both parents should be asked these questions, but I also don't think that working = less quality parenting than non-working. It's so complex and emotional for me. I make no secret that I'd be an at-home parent if money were no object- but I would be working. On non-kid related stuff.

    Addie, there is a post that you'd probably be interested in on SkepChick- -did you see it? I take issue with it for these same reasons but it's a well thought out position.

  4. Treesa, that's been recommended to me:) I need to check it out. Used to read the X-men over the shoulder of my geeky high school boyfriend.