Monday, September 29, 2008

super quickie veggie post

Best stir-fry ever yesterday: Tofu and broccoli teryaki, no rice even. Just a zillion tons of broccoli and tofu, squirted on some teryaki sauce.

Bu wants to do a modified raw diet. I'm thrilled, as we both need a drastic diet makeover. We are King & Queen Pizza Delivery. The manager of our favorite pizzeria knows me. I think he has a crush. It's all very cute. I'm famous as Green Olive Woman, Mushrooms & Onions too On Pay Day. Their crust is so perfectly chewy. Anyway, so we're thinking of meal plans to eat lots of raw goodies with some steamed stuff. My energy level and his heart will be so happy. The might burst into song.

Kate , oh my Jolly Green Goddess, Kate is the funniest person in blogtopia :

it occurs to me that hostile vegephobia is akin to homophobia in that those most vehemently offended by non-meat-eaters are the ones most likely to harbour a closeted discomfort with meat consumption. Or perhaps a closeted fetish to be hog-tied and forced to lick miso paste off the sole of a vegan’s hemp sneaker. I digress.

Oh wait. Is miso fish paste?  Maybe it's soy. I don't know- either way it's the funniest sentence in the history of the internet.


  1. Love new layout. Miso is made from a seaweed thing I think. Or soy. Is vegetarian fo sho.

  2. Miso paste is (definitively) made from fermented soy beans. HOWEVER, it is often not veggie b/c the Japanese traditionally use fish broth (dashi) to it into soup. But if you buy the paste yourself (in the refrigerator section of most grocery stores), you can make it veggie/ vegan.

    Lexie, who loveth Japanese food culture.