Friday, September 26, 2008

this is me backing up, chilling out.

OK, yeah I totally did miss the point. After reading comments and blogs elsewhere, and thinking for thirty seconds more... yes. I misspoke. Misblogged. Something. PETA actually had a point this time, and it was funny, once I realized they had the capacity for humor.

See, it sounds totally gross to think about adults eating human breast milk. But, it's sort of even more gross that we down tons and tons of the milk of another species. The milk industry is beyond just icky, too. There is a lot of mistreatment, repeated cow abortions, hormones and a mess of badness. And yet: I still drink milk (on a limited basis, but that's because the gassiness is unbelievable) and eat cheese. Most of that is laziness, habit.

But my quickie post isn't about my vegan FAIL, it was more me feeling like I needed to say oh hai I fucked that one up a little bit. I'm still over PETA, but I retract my wigging about the boobies. I am apparently seriously challenged with regards to grokking sarcasm online. They need to use more emoticons or something.


  1. It smells like a backtrack to me. "Oh you didn't realize we were joking? Oh then you're all morons. Ha ha!"

    PETA has a long track record of crazy and I think the suggestion to use human breast milk -- either for real or as an attention-grabbing joke -- fits right in with their track record.

  2. And I need to use "track record" one more time b/c apparently I'm turning into Sarah Palin.

  3. LOL Eden. Is that why she named her son Track?

    I dunno... I really do think this letter was tactic (or a strategy; as a liberal I don't know the difference) to throw dairy into biological perspective. However, given their love of naked women-as-tools, your argument does have credence.

  4. Jumping into this one late, but I just never really saw what was so offensive about it. Um... this is what we do to mama-cows. We breed them and then take away their kids. Frack, I'm not even vegan, but I feel bad for the mama cows! I think PETA was making the point that we would NEVER in a million years do this to mama humans, so why is it OK to do to mama cows?

    OK, I also like the naked women billboards, so... I'll go hang my head in the corner for awhile (and try not to salivate over the naked women ;-D).