Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday is the new Tuesday! #7: Treasure for my Toes

These seduced me at my favorite thrift shop while I was scouting for pirate stuff. When I was in high school, I had a mission: to find a pair of summer sandals that had the same aura as my ass kicking boots. Fourteen years wiser, I realize that no sandal can ever wield the almighty power of The Boot, but I think these were the sandals I was seeking.

A deep and ancient longing in me was put to rest when I saw these. The bliss  when I saw the little round "Size 10" sticker was a chorus of  angels, clad in second-hand leather.

I was even thisclose to painting my toenails black for this post, but I have lost my black nail polish and with it the last vestiges of the goth girl cred I used to cultivate in my own half-assed, make-up hating, perky-goofy kind of way.


  1. Loving the shoes :)

    You know what I always went for more than flat-out black? A dark, dark, bloody plum kind of color (like Chanel's "Vamp" -- which I spent $17 on one bottle b/c I'd always wanted it). Borghese makes a gorgeous one and Rimmel has a pretty good one too (but the Rimmel tends to make my nails weak so I'd recommend a base coat for hands).

  2. Good call- I love the deep blood reds, too. But with the approach of Samhain, I'm feeling the need for black-black:) Easier to find this time of year, so I'll have to suck it up & buy some more.

  3. those are AWESOME! Are they comfy? I has bunions, so I don't often wear that style, although I loves it!

  4. They are pretty comfy. Mostly comfy. OK, they are only for a day I'll be mostly at my desk. I'm somewhat ashamed to be That Chick, but I lurve my vaguely dysfunctional shoes.