Thursday, October 30, 2008

quickie link love, skepchick-ally posted a link I suggested about Liddy Dole's ads demonizing opponent Kay Hagan for- horrors!- accepting donations from an atheist group. I'm happily learning a lot watching these skeptic wimmins from the sidelines. I'm not a very good atheist, what with my fervent prayers to Goddesses (who are probably metaphors but I don't care if they are "real" because 'how do you define real', and other sci-fi movie quotes... ) and my very mystical world view, but I'm definitely more comfortable with a non-theist approach to most stuff. And I'm increasingly pissed off that to get elected to any political office in this ridiculously fakey-theocratic country you almost have to take a Christian traditional stance on religion or be burnt on a metaphorical stake.

Let me see if I can sneak one more 'metaphor' use into this post...thinking, thinking... I got nothin' but geek puns, so: Metaphors be with you.

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  1. Liddy's in real trouble in her campaign. People have figured out she doesn't live in or visit her district. Sounds like she's trying anything to district her constituency.