Friday, October 17, 2008

sensory #1

When I started journaling online, in 1997 I had never heard the terms LiveJournal, Blogger, CSS, XML, or even blog. I had an Angelfire website that holy cats- is still live, (but the journal section is lost) and I added each entry by hand then manually made archives and if I'd had a clue to do an Alta Vista search (Google? Huh? Isn't that in the Hitchhiker's Guide somewhere? Does Zaphod use one?) for free blogging platforms life would have been immeasurably easier.

Every entry on Spiralbound, the journal section of Metamorphosis Psyche (aren't you glad I restrained myself to three pointedly simple syllables this go 'round?) began with something like this:

seeing: the NIN videotape I'm wearing out replaying Closer so I can see TR lick the mike again.
hearing: TOOL
smelling: honeysuckle incense, stinky resin. (totally need to clean out my bowl.)
tasting: chicken alfredo- Mom tempted me again... sorry birdies!
touching: velvet black dress from thrift store

(Incidentally, this is me right now for contrast:
sensory: see how much more freaking legible it is to pick one case?

  • seeing: Bu's Buddhist prayers flags through a missing piece of horrid vertical blinds
  • hearing: Dharma scratching her allergic doggy skin, birds outside
  • smelling: for dramatic juxtaposition, let's say a poop diaper. But really, nothing.
  • tasting: coffee
  • touching: my hair, which needs to be washed.

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