Saturday, October 25, 2008

some recent things that made me nom nom nom my baby's yummy cookie face

* From a dead sleep, she bolted upright in bed, said "Whoa. Whoa! WHOA!! :) :) :)" I asked, "What are you dreaming, Bird?" She said, "Popcorn! BIG!!! *madly giggles, falls immediately back asleep."

* The other day I was trying to get her to fall asleep but was in hysterics because she kept alternately "eating my nose" and covering my mouth, shushing my laughter.

* "Mama, you go 'way now. Go sit time-out chair!"

* After I plopped her puke splattered self in tub and left her with Daddy, "I dot sick in bed. Ewwww. Mama tean seets an' cwoze. I sorry I dot sick."

* The way she asks questions now: "Mama? How? Your! food? tas'? Your? food? good?"

* Her meaty words. She likes Sausoss Bibits (sausage biscuits) and Titik Nunnugs (chicken nuggets.) She eats pretty much only those things, french fries, Yo-Yoag (yogurt), and (happily) fruit of any kind. She prefers wah-yee to mee-ilk and rarely wants djooce. She lurves tea. I make her chamomile. Guess how sleepy it makes her!

Zero sleepy.


  1. She is getting so big. I love the Birdese! So cute. xoxoxoxoMarianne

  2. I saw the birdie and the grandies at the k-roger. she blew me a kiss and called me may-may.



  3. OMGs you have the freakin' cutest kid in the entire world.

  4. a child immune to chamomile?! woes!

    pssst survey says: she is the most adorable thing in existence!

  5. Yes, her cuteness is very nearly lethal. Good damn thing too, with the tantrums. They are unreal.

  6. I love that age when the personality and sense of humor and power of observation really start to come out. It's hilarious and heart-warming. My kids can make me laugh more satisfyingly than anything. Bird sounds so cute. Just this little list of things made me smile. I lurve tea, too (and a Pop-Tart with Sleepy Time tea is my favorite).

  7. Haha, she sounds so cute! Cute picture, too!

  8. Love the things they say in their sleep. (my sister once sat up in bed and yelled BLAST-OFF! then lay back down and slept on)

  9. I am unable to log in as my livejournal account so I lost a reply :(

    But basically it was this: ZOMG, she is SO FREAKING CUTE!!! And also, I wish Remy's verbalizations were a little clearer... they are getting there (and I'm not worried about it, much, yet) but he's still talking too fast for me to understand a lot (it doesn't help that I have poor hearing).

    Yesterday's happy word of the day was happy :D