Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Treasure Nest Tuesday #9: Everybody's Thrifty

No time yet for photos, but I've been wrapped up in a gorgeous rainbow-hued shawl since the weather cooled. I may incorporate into some boob photos- Boobiethon ends at midnight eastern tonight.

In lieu of yummy yarn wraps, let me spread the news that The Middle Class* is digging the thrift store trend. CNN has a little article about how the abject lack of money we are all feeling has profits up but donations down at thrift shops. Link I have a massive pile of baby clothes and what-was-I-thinking stuff to donate. I need to clear it out.

*I am just about at the point in the election hooplah where I vomit forcefully every time I hear middle class, and main street sends me into seizures. It's difficult to listen to the plight of the middle class when I'm dying to scrabble my way up to that level. I don't know exactly what defines that idyllic and much exalted mid-level of income, but I know I'm sick to fucking death of hovering beneath it and micromanaging every bloody cent. I'm also through with feeling guilty for wanting more. It's about time, people. It's a luxury to have time to spend on quality of life stuff- art, entertainment, watching my baby play. The dream of working from home is like a pulp fantasy novel right now.



  1. Seems like everybody wants to work from home now, especially moms. Obviously, not everybody can. And that sucks.

  2. OOooh, sounds pretty!

    Is any of your baby stuff dye able? If it is, and you send it to me, I'll dye it and put it on my etsy and sell it for ya!

    PS: Some days I can hardly believe I'm so fortunate to be where I am. Middle class is good. 'Specially for a growing up poor girl like me. You will have it one day!!!!

    PPS: when I read the Communist Manifesto in University, I agreed with it 100% -- except I thought that everybody should get some bling. Cause everyone needs a little bling in their life (I don't care what you define as bling, jewelry, shawls, art, fun stuff that is just pretty is how I define it). BLING FOR THE MASSES!!! I think it goes without saying that I do not think you should feel guilty for wanting financial stability.

  3. It is about time, isn't it? I have a comfortable income, but no matter how much money I have, I can't find enough time to enjoy my babies and keep the house up and maintain friendships. Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not. I guess I'm saying that I hope you are able to find a place where you have enough money and time for yourself and your family.

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  5. God yes, I'd like to soar UP to middle class. by the way, lady, I just drove through West Virginia this weekend. That's where you are, yes? It's beautiful there right now!