Thursday, October 2, 2008

want it so bad i could cry like a whiny baby

This Etsy Goddess has no fucking idea how killer crazy wicked this baby doll is to a weirdly-shaped Elephant Girl who most often describes her hand as "like a lobster claw." If I had some fundage, I would so totally commission one with a normal left hand.


Check out her freakaliscious shop, Anomaly Jewelry . It features the quirkiest delights you can imagine. Sadly, it is far, far out of my price range.

Thanks to my mermaidey dollface Claire for tweeting the link.


  1. Oh man that is so cool. I love her facial expression. And the bow. And the swimsuit. And, of course, the lobster claws.

  2. I'm sorry but you said "lobster claws" and now I must say "Robster craws? What the fuck are robster craws?" or my head will explode.

    That is one cool doll/piece of art.

  3. I agree: so cool! And oh man I love the cutecreepy zodiac babehs she makes... Adorabletown USA <3