Tuesday, October 28, 2008

web 2.0verload

Dreamed last night that the Birdy had a Facebook page. This is not of the good.

I can envision her page:

  • Molly Bird is hungwee. I want Cheew-os.
  • Molly Bird is NOT SWEEPY, MAMA.
  • Molly Bird became a fan of Dora the Explorer and Curious George.
  • Molly Bird joined the group: Mama Cut Me Off! Toddler Weaning Support.
  • Molly Bird commented on Daisy Bones' status:
---------Daisy Bones slept with baby feet in her face.
------------Molly Bird says: Hahaha... I'm in ur bed, kickin ur face! XD No srsly, I slept gweat! THX.
  • Molly Bird is going potty wike big girl...
you get the gist. *facepalm*

I feel overconnected lately, but I value my connections at the same time. I miss everyone... I'm not commenting much lately. I have autumn sleep-eat-grunt like zombie-eat more-repeat syndrome. I have a cold again. Toddlers not in daycare aren't supposed to keep giving their mommies germs like this.

So, to summarize: Meh.

The good is that I'm probably road tripping for the Weave Party. It may be my first ever all-by-myself trip, which is so full of awesome. Four hours up & four back, all to myself. That's kind of a kisses from a sexy goddess thing all by itself but I'll also party with the Weave peeps and maybe see my long-missed Suzy of quilting fame. (So also, no Kevin Smith for me, but Her Sousterness is taking the bit we raised and going solo! w00t!)

Also? OMG I have so many real-life Twitter friends now, like locals? And FUCK it links here... So if you see me at That Bookstore We All Frequent or That Hellmouth with the Megastore that Closed All Kindsa Local Businesses But I Don't Go There But You Might See Me at the Other Megastore, don't mention Daisybones, mkay? Because it's a SECRET.

BUT also. Those of you I met online but live here, we should really hang out in person. Because all you are wonderful.


  1. @thordora

    I'll decide after the election;) You just never know.

  2. I think we feel things simultaneously I swear. I was just thinking this weekend, after I got a creepy message from a dood on Facebook, that I had too high of a profile online and that I needed to just cut off all friends on Facebook that I didn't know IRL.

    Then I calmed down.

    I just turn off Facebook chat. I turn off regular chat sometimes. I focus on doing one thing at a time on the intarwebs. Because the chats + blog reading + blog writing + editing + facebook + twitter = unfocused crazy unproductive Laura.

  3. I love your daughter's potential status updates, but just to be safe maybe put the computer in a high place at night.