Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back Home, with Shop Updates

I'm settling back into the home routine after a manic trip. The Weave party was amazing. The space alone (Morrocan theme cafe.. gorgeous) was a sensory delight, and the poetry and music was wonderful. I got very good feedback on the cover art and got to talk process a little bit as well.

At a Friday event, my friend and I met Elizabeth Perry and fell in love with her work. I love artists whose work attracts me but whose personalities are exciting and make me want to be a better artist:)

So, the cover piece and its sister print are online in my Etsy shop, and I've added the convenience of Paypal and credit card ordering. I'm hoping to have the third "Cradle" print ready this week so the trio will be available; possibly may sell the set at a discount. I'll post the new piece alone momentarily.

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