Saturday, November 29, 2008

Land, Food, Walking

I Art Walk-ed last night with darling new friends and bumped into a handful of old friends, too. We started at Taylor Books, because I'm programmed to start there and can't deviate from my pattern- and also there was tomato-basil soup and a Jones Cream Soda. (Hadn't eaten, so this snack was crucial.) I saw Naomi Bays, and her beautiful photographs; an old favorite by Peter Massing; and discovered a new collage guy whose name I've forgotten and need to revisit anyway. Beautiful atmospheric classical stuff, very graphic compositions- cross shapes and the like.

Callen McJunkin featured John Borden Evans, and I was thrilled to see a whole gallery of his work. The patterns and carving and textures really enchanted me before, and I was in love with his concentric circles. Spirals and circles make my brain dance in happy ways. That's Owl, by Mr. John Borden Evans.

And here is a Richardson Evans (i.e. me) doodle from Weave where you can see my adoration of circles in circles in circles:

After some more visiting and looking we ended up at the Art Emporium where we saw landscapes by Sandra King. It's funny that even after loving Evans' work my first reaction was a soggy little thought like "Oh. Landscapes... yawn." I'm just usually much more attracted to the figurative pieces or abstractions, but this body of work was pretty exciting. King's colors are exaggerated into a surreal, artificial extreme that was really smart. They capture the way the colors seem to the eye more than what is physically seen- in full noon sun, at twilight, when things are so painterly and saturated. Her compositions in several of the pieces are strikingly geometric. This is one of my favorites to the left, Evening Shadows. I love that the bottom two-thirds works totally on its own as shapes and colors. It's a strong foundation holding up the pretty, descriptive top portion. After seeing King's and Borden's work, I promise never to be cranky about landscapes again.  

After the gallery visits we ate at Vandalia Grille, and I'm in foodie love. It had never occurred to me that I might be able to afford their menu, but it was very reasonable while at the same time making me feel like I was doing the fine dining thing. I enthusiastically approve of the aesthetics of the wine glasses, the "vessel" sink in the ladies', and the drizzling of roasted red pepper sauce onto goat cheese pizza. Our server was also fantastic. It was a good night to be an artsy person with a good babysitter, good wine, and good company in Charleston.

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