Friday, November 14, 2008

meme of random

Blame Laura :)

8 New (Probably) Randoms

  1. You know those people who are all, "I don't really smoke," but they bum cigarettes? I'm like that with Coca Cola. I'll sip out of yours but rarely buy one for myself.
  2. I got hives on the drive home from Pittsburgh for no apparent reason whatsoever. Then I had to down a Benadryl. Then more coffee. And iced tea. 
  3. I don't like the sort of popular pervasive style of spoken word poetry because it seems contrived and artificial. Like, the way it's typically performed. The vocal delivery.
  4. My favorite word is epiphane. Shut up, spell check! It's only my favorite if it's spelled old school. Like, Plato's Academy old school.
  5. My husband is now called Robot Boy because his sexy new eyeglasses have cool angles and are, well, robotey.
  6. Molly conversation last night:
    • me: *takes off shirt*
    • bird: are those my nunnums?
    • me: well, there's no more milk, remember?
    • bird: they are just boobs?
    • me: *lol* yep.
    • bird: do they have juice?
  7. I think onions are giving me headaches lately. Is that a thing?
  8. I like high-waisted pants, because I have a high waist. But they need to be flared or boot-cut. I get bad, bad muffin-top from low-riders.

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1 comment:

  1. 7. I think onions have sulfates in them, which causes headaches. Do you have a similar problem with red wine?

    4. I love lovelove the word epiphane. With a y even :D

    3. I hate the vocal style of popular slam poetry, too, except for a few old skool peeps who do it well (and who everybody is copying!!!)