Monday, November 24, 2008

thirsty macaroni + evil cheese

I seem to have invented black bean goulash. I'm unsure how I feel about it. Inspired by an NPR piece featuring Mollie Katzen (my third favorite Molly/Mollie, if you enjoy rankings), I decided to try to throw together a bean soup with only foods that were in already the kitchen.* I impulsively added macaroni, and had a bowl of soup, but then the greedy pasta sucked up all the broth, leaving this accidental meaty-looking thing that resembles, ugh: goulash. This is the dish (the normal, meaty kind) that sat before me on many a late night, in a dinner showdown. I'm re-reading The Corrections, and relived that recurring scene from my childhood. My dad was of the clean-your-plate-or-go-to-bed-hungry-and-pissed-off school of parenting.

So speaking of eating disorders... some highly inappropriate but seriously funny jokes with a friend revolved around the possible use of lactose intolerance as a bulimic aid. When black humor meets poopy humor...

*Right. I'm there, already. To the footnote part. Even though there was no closure, I'm jumping ahead anyway. Also: dear Blogger? Google? Can you add a footnote function? I'll swoon. So. I'm involved in another standoff, against the weather. The conflict is that I refuse to shop for groceries in the rain or in the cold, and the weather persists in being both cold and rainy. This has led to twittered discoveries that one can make pizzas on hotdog buns, the conviction the oatmeal is a dinner food, and the beany goulash and I'm going to gag if I mention that gastly dish again I'm gonna spew. I'll just call it beans & mac, and remember that it smells good. I'll give it a go for lunch. Back when it was soup, it was decent.

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