Saturday, November 8, 2008

time stands still in travel

Yesterday was batshit crazy; today is proving deliciously laid-back.

Friday-blur included
  • 4:15 am wakeup, a total of 6+ hours of travel up here and to BFE to pick up the magazines & back.
  • my first drive into the city of Pittsburgh ever, during which I navigated flawlessly and had much less anxiety than I'd have guessed. I felt dorkily misty-eyed on 376 E toward Oakland, remembering buses and rides in with parents and ohmigoddess I'm a real live Grown Up and dork! dork! dork! Could I refrain from l'il small town girl in Teh Big City goofiness and still maintain honest blogger stream-of-consciousness, please believe that I would do so. What's the exact opposite of urban hipster? Moi.
  • this compliment, preceded by the insistence that the following would be a compliment: "That is straight-jacket art! You went out yo' mind to make this, girl!"
  • a sweet, fabulously be-dredlocked woman asking me to sign her copy of the book:)
  • many adorable people of both genders in really excellent yet un-fussy outfits.
We are off to deliver the Dionysian blessing and bestow the wineupon my poor oppressed friends who live in the land of No Wine May Be Shipped to a Private Residence, pick up miss Addiedarling and generally continue a day of blissful chilling.

Also... I <3 Maggie Gyllenhaal forever & ever amen. Stranger than Fiction is delicious brain food. I called it a "funky pie" of a movie, then decided I was totally in love with myself for the phrase and if you suddenly get redirected to just go with it.

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  1. Eeek, I was supposed to tell you my Brooklyn friend ran into Maggie on the street again (like last spring... me bad, I just now remembered!) She says she is tiny and awesome.

    Glad you had a great trip -- are you back yet? Do you have pics????