Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why I Make Digital Art

Why I Work in Digital Media, the version I Tell Artsy Fabulous People in Galleries:
  • I love the media- it really integrates my strengths- drawing, painting, printmaking- but lets me use them in new ways.
  • It's a great fit for the way I conceptualize- I love to be able to work a theme and expiriment with imagery, see different versions and go in several directions very quickly.
  • I was really into layers in my traditional prints and I can push that so much further with the computer.
  • I like the unpredictable nature of it paired with the control I have. My favorite part of reduction-fired ceramics was that the kiln ultimately had control over the finished piece. In Photoshop, I can change filters and effects in a layer and have a similar surprise quality. However, if any change I make doesn't work I can immediately back up and try a new approach.
Why I Work in Digital Media, the real version:
  • I am way, way too broke to buy canvas, paint, etc or to afford the additional electricity to fire a kiln.
  • Working in clay, paint, or printmaking; I get bored before a piece is halfway complete. I can barely finish a piece. No attention span at all halp!!!
  • I feel subtly, crunchily righteous that I'm not using heavy metals in glazes or turpentine or whatever. Yay for earth and health.
  • I'm a working mom. Of a toddler. I have broken pieces of time to think and create and the idea of having time to set up an easel or sculpture area, do art, then clean up is just freaking hilarious.
  • I suck in a epic way at registration- where you print layers over layers on the same print and the paper has to be positioned perfectly when it goes through the press.
  • It is totally too messy to Twitter while covered in slurry or oil paints, and the whole intarwebs needs to know when zOMG i am sooo in teh ZONE right nao. am creative gawdess!!!!
  • I can sit on my ass at the computer and doodle around and stuff and I am lazy lazy lazy! so that rocks.
  • No need for attention to details like Oh Crap I was not supposed to crack the kiln immediately after it reaches temperature, and drinking in the studio might be better saved for the painting room. Photoshop doesn't ever reach 1600 degrees Farenheit.
  • Because if I wasn't doing computer art, I would be doing no art at all, and even though I'm barely producing at least I sorta kinda am working so shut up and buy my shiny prints please kthxbai.
OK, so, of course both lists are true stories- on with art day!


  1. Yay, new art!!!!!!

    I think all your reasons are fab (except the being poor, which I know sucks.) The mess thing: even the fucking LWI dying makes a HUGE mess, it's totally annoying. Knitting is much less messier... but also not quite as creative and fun.

    I want to get back to painting, actually... but its alluding me.

  2. well, except for the cost of a computer and upgraded versions of photoshop, ya! im right there with ya!