Thursday, December 11, 2008

2009 Plans

I've never been one to make New Years' resolutions; at the same time the tidiness of a crisp new calendar year is enticing. I want to establish better work habits and learn (if such a thing is humanly possible for me) to work in small, deliberate chunks of time.

I think I have a plan. A few little ideas have merged together with the brand new year thing, and I think I have an exciting way to dedicate myself to artmaking in a sane way. These are the ingredients of The Plan:
  • I'm dying to draw more
  • I'm lusting for color, tangible media- paint, prismacolor pencils, sharpies, whatever: I miss that directness, even though I'm loving my digital playground.
  • thinking of morning pages, à la Julia Cameron's Artist's Way.
  • I'm inspired by Schmutzie (one of those creative people who seem to ooze big thoughts & beauty out of their pores) and her Grace in Small Things challenge.
  • Elizabeth Perry. Omigoddess, Elizabeth Perry. Love.
  • The ACEO movement. These are small, trading card size art works that are incredibly popular on Etsy, eBay, etc. The acronym's for 'Art Cards: Editions and Originals'. I created one of them digitally (see below) but they are a perfect format for small, daily meditations.

So: journaling in this new, wee format is the answer. (People, journaling is always the answer.) I’ll do a drawing/painting daily, then post them in a weekly check-in. Alternatively, I could work a week ahead and set up daily posting- trying to make this a good commitment but a solid, un-fail-able plan for a crazed mama. I'll leave you with my first, way old ACEO: Autumn.


  1. Oh, wow. You are too kind. Thank you.

  2. Nah... thank YOU, Schmutzie, for the great idea:)

  3. art card journaling--what a neat idea. i like the oversized eye in that one.

    and thanks for the link love!