Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After Buswater

The show went well; my prints sold and I connected with some seriously amazing people. It was like an infusion of creative energy to be in the company of talented people.

When I hung my little trinity of prints, Todd said, "Ah. Skeletons. Come see." He led me to a moody, dark photograph of a cathedral in the Czech Republic. (It may be this one. Perhaps someone can confirm?) The photo was like being in a darkened cathedral- my eyes fell first on a full skeleton in a ray of hazy light, and then picked up on subtle darks outlining rows of bones in decorative patterns in the church's architecture.

I didn't make it back before the reception Friday, so it was nice to get to see everything with fresh eyes with the guests. I spoke with Stacy Leech about her incredibly paper creations and we geeked out about Leslie Dill and Saint Kiki. I met Amanda Miller, and her work, for the first time. Her drawing skill is remarkable. See?

So now I'm floating on the aftermath of doing the happy sales dance, having great conversation and far too much Chardonnay. As always the challenge remains to find time to fit creative life into the crunched, jammed reality of time.

And lacking an elegant ending, I'll quote the Bird, whilst also cleverly alluding to the source of the timecrunch: "Mama, you haffa say 'The End' now."

Link love to participants whose sites I've tracked down:

Todd Griffith
Jamie Miller
Amanda Miller

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